Why Work With Us?

Offering Guidance as Clients Travel Along Their Financial Path

At Schaecher Berend Wealth Management, we understand that many people - whatever their goals and wherever they are in life - often have a path in mind. They have a vision of what they would like their future and retirement to look like, but aren’t sure how to get there. Add in the constant influx of contradicting information they may read about in the news, and the common result is uncertainty.

Our mission is to quell this uncertainty and confusion by serving as a go-to support system they can rely on for trusted advice. We first listen to our clients and get to know them before making any recommendations. We take the time to understand their financial goals, what keeps them up at night, and what they envision as financial independence. Following, we look beyond their investments and review all of their finances to ensure we understand their entire financial picture. Only then do we create a customized plan designed to help them travel the path they desire.

By providing a comprehensive and personalized strategy with ongoing guidance, we believe our clients can feel more confident with their financial future. Whatever questions they may have, whether it’s about preserving their wealth or when to claim Social Security, we are here to help. We truly care about our clients and enjoy building long-lasting relationships with them that span generations.